Corporate Law

Our specialists assist in coordinating clients' activity, providing its accordance with modern corporate law, help to identify and evaluate the existing legal and financial risks, as well as give necessary recommendations to minimize operational and transaction costs.

With our help one can properly construct and optimize negotiated, handle complaints with the contractors, prepare and conduct "extraordinary" transactions (large, with an interest).

Our experts will develop and implement the necessary package of measures to combat hostile takeovers.


In our portfolio there are:

- protection of the interests of the shareholder «ROSTA», one of the largest Russian distributors of pharmaceuticals. The result of our work was the preservation of corporate control over the company by the Russian party. The case was won in the International Commercial Arbitration Court for Russian Chamber of Commerce, and then – in the attempt to cancel the decision of ICAC – in the Moscow Arbitration Court and Federal Antimonopoly Service of Moscow region;

- protection of interests of the client in the dispute about the mandatory sentence under the reorganization of RAO "UES of Russia". The result of our participation was the remission of financial risks for more than 20 billion rubles. In the court we managed to prove that the duty to make the mandatory sentence did not appear with a paragraph 4 of art. 84.2 of the Law «About Joint Stock Companies», due to the fact that the shares had been received from the affiliate - RAO "UES of Russia";

- representation of interests of the shareholder of the Open Joint Stock Company «OGK-2» in a dispute with Open Joint Stock Company «NOMOS-BANK». The result of court procedure was the recovery of 710 million rubles, which the client had paid for the invalid transaction. The case became a precedent in the practice of challenging the related transactions. The Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation confirmed the loyalty of the legal position we have chosen;

- comprehensive protection in the administrate and judicial review of the trading company in Moscow from raider attacks by creating a unique judicial precedent for the exclusion of the participant of a limited liability company from its members in connection with the obstruction of the normal activities of society and the abuse of the right (Article 10 of the Civil Code);

- development of the scheme and legal support of the project on joint building of thermal power station in the western region of Russia, followed by an exchange of assets between enterprises of heat-power and gas-energy industry – parties of the transaction;

- participation in the expert group for the shareholders' agreement in Siberia's largest coal company.




Legal support of transactions with land, immovables, including investment in building of real estate