Antimonopoly regulation

We provide the following services:

- preparation and presentation of notifications and applications to the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russian Federation;

- rendering of the information at the request of the antimonopoly authorities;

- represention of clients' interests in the antimonopoly authorities in cases of violation of antimonopoly law, administrative cases;

- disputing in the court the decisions and prescriptions made by the antimonopoly authorities, resolutions of drawing to the administrative liability;

- protection of the rights of clients in the checkouts , conducted by antimonopoly authorities;

- preparation of the conclusions about the presence of antimonopoly risks, support of the clients' various projects in antimonopoly regulation.


In our portfolio there are:

- representation of the gas companies' interests in the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation for disputing decisions of the antimonopoly authorities imposed by the fact of refusal to enter into gas supply contracts with the organizations-non-consumers. The Supreme Commercial Court declared all the decisions of antimonopoly authorities invalid;

- representation of interests of the open joint stock company "Gazenergoset" in the arbitration courts of various levels, and then in the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. The legal position, our experts suggested, was supported by the Constitutional Court, which pointed to the need for law-observance of the principles of fairness and proportionality of the liability, taking into consideration the degree of guilt of the offender and enforcement of proportionality in applying the law "On competition and restriction of monopolistic activity on commodity markets." The result was not only the protection of the violated rights of the client, but also the protection of interests of a wide range of businesses, which were groundlessly brought to justice;

- representation of interests of the open joint stock company "Gazprom neftekhim Salavat" in the antimonopoly authority and an appeal against acts of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russian Federation for the case of abuse of dominant market position. The decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court and the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russian Federation were declared invalid, our specialists managed to remove the risks of economic activity of one of the largest economic entities of the Republic of Bashkortostan;

- Successful representation in arbitration courts of the interests of a major gas distribution company of the Moscow region for challenging the fines imposed by antimonopoly authorities for abusing dominant position. We managed to prove the illegitimacy of the approach of the antimonopoly authorities to the calculation of the penalty and protect the interests of the company. The total amount of successfully challenged penalties exceeded 1 billion rubles.




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