We represent the interests of creditors in the cases of insolvency (bankruptcy), provide legal support in challenge the debtor's transactions, protect the interests of debtors and their participants (founders), as well as following the activity of bankruptcy commissioner.

The best specialists of the company will help to implement not only legal, but also organizational, accounting and technical support of the bankruptcy.


In our portfolio there are:

- representation of creditors' interests – the limited liability company "Garant-Service-University", a developer and owner of the reference legal system "Garant", in case of insolvency (bankruptcy) of the developer company, when at the time of observation more than 90% of the debt was compensated by a third party. This bankruptcy proceeding has been going on for over 3 years, but the satisfactions of demands of other creditors (both by the debtor and other persons) have so far not produced;

- representation of the debtor's interests and the support of insolvency (bankruptcy) procedure of the limited liability company "SalavatTrans". During the procedure which has been going on for over 2 years, all the claims of creditors in the amount of more than 300 million rubles were satisfied. Moreover the payment to the debtor's sole participant in the amount of more than 70 million rubles was produced;

- representation of the interests of a major gas company in the procedure of insolvency (bankruptcy) of one of the Moscow's industrial plants, in which territory other lenders, which had more than 70% of the vote, intended to build living immovable. In order to meet building deadlines, the creditors agreed at a meeting of creditors of the plant to destroy (demolish) the debtor's property and complete the bankruptcy proceeding. As a result of our work, our team managed to challenge the results of the meeting, to extend the production time of the bankruptcy for more than one year and force the creditors to buy the right to claim the gas company for 70% of face value of the debt, and to bring the bankruptcy commissioner to administrative responsibility for the wrong acts in the case of insolvency (bankruptcy);

- following the activity of bankruptcy commissioner of one of the energy companies, which was the previous supplier of thermal energy in Moscow. Effectively carried out by our experts claim work to recover the debt from the contractors of the company, as well as the Prefecture of Central Administrative district of Moscow, made it possible to pay creditors' claims in the amount of 87%.

In addition, our specialists have represented our clients' interests in the procedures of insolvency (bankruptcy) referring to such major companies as "Sibur Neftekhim" JSC, "Minudobreniya" JSC (city Meleuz), "Dyatkovo khrustal" JSC, "Sokolskiy cellyulozno-bumazhnyi kombinat" JSC, "Kuznetskiy metallurgicheskiy kombinat" JSC, "Krasnyi treugolnik" JSC, "Novokuibyshevskiy neftekhimicheskyi kombinat" JSC, "Chelyabinskiy tractorniy zavod" JSC, State Unitary Enterprise "Moscovskiy kombinat vinogradnyh i desertnih vin", "Kolomenskiy zavod tyazhelogo stankostroeniya" PMT and others.




Legal support of transactions with land, immovables, including investment in building of real estate