Administrative law

We provide the following services:

- representation of interests in the control and check bodies during the preparation of protocols, resolutions and other procedural documents;

- appeal against the prosecution of administrative and judicial orders;

- risk assessment for administrative prosecution and production of recommendations for its optimization.


In our portfolio there are:

- participation in the case of calling to account in the form of an administrative suspension of a large city-forming oil refinery. The Company was charged with violation of the requirements in the field of industrial safety, which could lead to extremely negative consequences in the form of technological accidents, catastrophes, epidemics, etc. The Court of First Instance suspended all the company's activities. In appealing in the Supreme Court of the Republic the resolution of a court - order of punishment - was abolished with the transfer of the case for a new trial in municipal court. In the new study of the case we managed to prove that the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision had not provided the necessary evidence to support the possibility of the occurrence of adverse effects attributable to violations. In addition, we identified a number of procedural violations, which didn't allow to refer to certain evidence presented. As a result, in a new examination of the case the Company was fined, but the required punishment in the form of suspension of activities was not applied;

- participation at the meeting of the committee on the Federal Financial Markets Service in the case of application for administrative responsibility in the form of a fine recovered from a gas distribution company for failure to provide documents and information about the company requested by shareholders. In the result we managed to prove the fact that there was misuse of their rights by the shareholders, and it was found that the performance of the obligations to provide public documents was proper. The proceedings were stopped in the event of a lack of offense.




Legal support of transactions with land, immovables, including investment in building of real estate