Criminal law

We protect and represent the interests of businesses and individuals in their interactions with law-enforcement authorities at the stage of pre-investigation audits, as well as in the institution of legal proceedings, at the stage of tax checks and inspections by other state bodies which exercise their supervisory powers.


In our portfolio there are:

- criminal legal protection of one of the leading managers of the largest oil and gas companies. The specialists of our company were able to prove the groundlessness of the charges under part 4, article 159 of the Code of Criminal (penal) Procedure and to terminate the criminal case;

- join the criminal case of the fraud (part 4 of art. 159 of the Code of Criminal (penal) Procedure) in the gas transmission company. Through the efforts of our specialists all the charges were removed;

- protection of a law-enforcement specialist from charges under articles 159 and 286 of the Code of Criminal (penal) Procedure as part of a group of people. All persons, except for our defendant, held in the case, were convicted for heavy gravity of crime. Our client was released from criminal liability.




Legal support of transactions with land, immovables, including investment in building of real estate