Services to individuals

Our priorities in working with individuals are: complete privacy, individual approach and protection of the interests of the client even in the most difficult cases.


The company's specialists render the following services to the Russians, foreign citizens and stateless persons:

- oral and written legal consultations on the questions of any difficulty, provided with the account of new modern jurisprudence in the analogue cases;

- legal support of transactions;

- organization of the agreement procedures to resolve disputes out of court;

- participation in negotiations;

- representation of interests in court: in the cases for the recovery of debts and damages, for housing disputes, for the protection of consumer rights, in the inheritance disputes, family disputes, labour disputes, in the cases of establishment of legal facts, and for the other categories of cases;

- support of enforcement proceedings;

- assistance in handling the bodies of notaries and the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation;

- assistance in selecting and engaging an attorney in case the need arises.


Our advices and recommendations are trusted by sports stars, politicians, leading scientists, heads of major companies, as well as ordinary citizens who want to get professional support on important issues. A current appeal to the lawyer can identify potential risks before taking any legal actions and helps to make a right decision.




Legal support of transactions with land, immovables, including investment in building of real estate