Legal assistance in registration of legal entities, real estate rights and transactions with real estate, securities issues, as well as in interaction with the notary bodies

The specialists provide the following services:

- consultations on choosing the best legal form of business organization for the client with further registration status of legal entity or private entrepreneur;

- registration of changes in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities and in the Uniform State Register of Private Entrepreneurs;

- registration of changes connected with alienation (transfer of rights to shares) of the shares of the participants of the legal entity;

- getting the extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the Uniform State Register of Private Entrepreneurs, the Uniform State Register of Real Estate Rights and Transactions;

- legal review of documents, assistance in training and legal support of the registration of immovable property and related transactions;

- constant monitoring of client's information and its property in the state registers - within the special service for preventive protection against illegal encroachments on the property and / or the client's business (raider seizure);

- preparation of projects of relevant documents and the subsequent support of registration of emission of securities issue;

- legal help in the interaction with the bodies of notaries: consultations and support for transactions requiring notarization, preparation, presentation of the letters of attorney, marriage contracts, wills and contracts of rent.


Our responsible approach, high qualification and more than 20 years of experience in these areas have created a solid foundation of trust of our constant clients, among them there are major enterprises in the electricity and oil and gas industry, top-managers and business owners, sports stars and politicians. No less attention is paid to small and medium-sized businesses, individual entrepreneurs and citizens. Cooperation with such a wide range of clients is based on a consistently high quality of our services in an open and flexible system of pricing.




Legal support of transactions with land, immovables, including investment in building of real estate